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New post-doc positions
32 weeks 1 day ago

We are looking for biophysicists to study development and cancer in zebrafish using the optogenetic tools developed in the team. Experience in molecular/cell biology and microscopy are required. Basic programming skills (for image acquisition and analysis) are appreciated.  Candidates should submit their CV + publications and 3 letters of recommendation from kown researchers in the field to:

Collective book in French : Physique et biologie : De la molécule au vivant
3 years 11 weeks ago

Nous avons contribué à un ouvrage grand public sur l'interface physique biologie de la collection "Une introduction à" chez EDP Sciences.

Vous pouvez le trouver chez tous les bons libraires et en ligne ( par exemple Amazon, FNAC).


Direct Observation of Stalled Fork Restart via Fork Regression in the T4 Replication System
3 years 11 weeks ago
Single-molecule mechanical identification and sequencing
3 years 11 weeks ago
Nature Chemical Biology paper available online!
6 years 17 weeks ago

A new paper in Nature Chemical Biology is out!

Manosas, M. et al. Nature Chem. Biol. 5, 904–912 (2009).