David Bensimon

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Research Director
Scientific interests

I am interested in three different areas of research.

Single molecule biophysics

In particular the study of DNA/protein interactions (topoisomerases, helicases and chromatine remodelling factors,...) and the activity of single enzymes under stress.

Single Cell Physiology

In particular the optical control of gene expression and protein activity at the single cell level in a live organism. The aim here is to use these newly developed tools to study problems in development (eye, hindbrain, somitogenesis), regeneration and cancer.

Experimental evolution

The idea is to develop a fully automated chemostat to monitor the evolution of E.coli in a stable temperature gradient (from 37°C up to 60°C) when fed from the non-permissive temperature side. The questions that interest us are: how would bacteria evolve to invade high temperature niches? Is there a limit to how high in temperature they can evolve? Which pathways will be modified to invade these new niches?

In the same vein I am interested in testing the application of game theoretical ides in the description of simple ecological systems (bacterial populations growing in a 2D chemostat).