Mechanical Sequencing using Magnetic Tweezers


Depixus is undertaking commercial development of a technology for the fast, accurate, and cheap extraction of sequence information from single molecules of DNA and RNA. The technology is known as SIMDEQ (SIngle-molecule Mechanical DEtection and Quantification) and was developed at the Ecole National Superieure (ENS), one of France's leading universities. It has a wide range of potential applications across the life-sciences and medical industries.



Picotwist is an innovative high-tech company that develops cutting-edge biophysical devices for the biosciences. Our expertise is based on more than ten years of academic research in the field of single molecule studies, a domain that has revealed itself to be extremely powerful for the understanding of biological systems at the molecular level (DNA/protein interactions, quantitative enzymology, etc....). Magnetic traps are powerful and versatile devices designed to manipulate and monitor single molecules (DNA, proteins) or larger systems (chromatin, cells...) in real-time by applying picoNewton forces on micron-sized beads using a magnetic field. Our flagship product is a fully-featured, plug-and-play version of the magnetic trap apparatus for single-molecule manipulation. This benchtop system is remarkably robust, compact and stable and enables routine experimentation on dozens of individual molecules in parallel and in real-time.